CentriCall is Call center management system that we developed combining our experience and customer demands with technological  inn ovations.  It Works on SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) technology.

  Why CentriCall?  

- Modular and open to improvement application architecture
- rapid and easy integration with required application
- sector-specific solutions presentation and application integration
- Particular call assessment operations
- call classifications in line with requirements and receiving statistics
- creating monitoring and callback pool for calls
- call by call or activity based advanced user performance measurement criterias
- receiving comprehensive reports with multi-filters
- statistical reportings and graphic analysis
- centralized management and report console facility
- customizable screen
- easy to use application structure with multi-language support
- station and call drive not being affected due to problems occured in the system resulting from technical reasons,
- Thanks to private station tool, diverting intra corporate calls directly through call center



  CentriCall (System Management)

System user is the compenent on which authorization and parameter management realised. It presents a authorization model for call center operator and call answerers.

  Cll Center Management   Reporting   Call Record and Listening  

Call Center Management is the main tool that call snswerers manage calls. It has an integrated phone that can perform phone operations.

1. Call monitoring and telephone screens that can be used individually
2. New generation advanced interface
3. User panel monitoring user status
4. Call panel monitoring calls
   - queue panel
   - active call panel
   - answered call panel
   - missed call panel
   - ended call panel
   - calls to be monitored panel
   - appointment calls panel
5. Phone management screen through which phone functions are realised
   - Call operations
   - Basic Call Operations
   - Holding calls
   - Call forwarding 
   - Dial-up call forwarding
   - Auto call answer
   - Conferencing
   - Recalling
   - switching between calls (3modes: listening, teaching, merging into)??
   - Do not disturb (DND) mode
   - Multi-line support
   - Instanteneous queue and online user display
6.  Instanteneous texting between users
7. Privatized supervisor screens
8. Parametric keyboard shortcuts

It is an application tool that reports the call details and provides reports for analysis.

Application Features

1. General call report according to date range, call type, user name, direction of call
Performance reports of call answerers including the information below
a. Daily Call Count
b. Missed Call Count
c. Total Talk time
d. Log in time
e. Missed call reports according to filters as date range and user name

3. Reports of web-agents status changes (online, at lunch, break etc…)
4. Web based reporting
5. Graphic and listing reports




It is an application tool that provides searching for recorded calls and listening to audio record.

Application Features
1. The feature of filter downloading  audio records depending on authorization from web interface in detail


  Call Based Special Solutions

Code Blue System
Appointment Module
Telemarketing Module
Early Warning Systems

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