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The desktop and laptops we called client are achilles heel of the intra corporate information security. Most of the attacks come from this point and it is hard to cope with. Especially spread of internet and uncontrolled copy and delivery of different softwares have increased the risks more.

Corporate antivirus applications alone are not enough in order to provide client security. Client / server relations and user rights should be regulated according to a clear security policy.

We render services of setting out security policy principles that will be on the side of client security and corporate antivirus solution application.

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Due to their critical missions, serversa are the devices having security priority. Many servers contain data extremely important for corporation in itself. Possible security troubles of client cause only trouble to the problematic client whereas security problems of server can affect the whole system. To prevent these kind of problems is only possible by working with a team knowing the system and having the information security vision.

With our system expertise and information security vision, your server security is in safe hands


When corporations open their local network to wide network and internet, they also open doors to  danger. Because it cannot give up wide area network connections and internet access, a corporation who wants to get the most out of technology should take necessary security measures. The attacks to the corporation from inside as well as from outside can be solved thanks to network security systems. Starting from the monitoring of network traffic, these solutions reach out to entire network traffic control and reporting. Information Systems addes value to hardware and software based packages and provide your local network security.



We form our information security consultancy definiton by combinig client, server, network security packages. In this regard we can say that our security consultancy service definition is to see the general information technology platform as a whole and produce the most suitable security solutions.  The security solutions produced are evaluated by comparing advantages and disadvantages. With the advantage of integrated approach that Project approach brought, we include every stage completely from the center to end to the security policy.  


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